Most important songs of the 1990’s, in no particular order.

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (1991)
The songs lyrics are purely nonsensical to represent the freedom and non-conforming nature of teenagers. If the song is to have a meaning, it would probably about taking drugs like heroin, as the lyrics can be taken as reference to the stuff.
For example:
“Load up on guns; bring your friends” – Guns= needles friends= encase of fallout
“It’s fun to lose and to pretend” – Euphoric feelings
“She’s over-bored and self-assured” – there is no going back, and she knows it
“Oh no, I know a dirty word” – Heroin
The song was a critical and commercial success and was often used as the anthem of the “Why Ask Why” generation.
       2. Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio (1995)
This song is about the volatile environments of poor neighborhoods and the feelings of abandonment and despair and people trapped in something they can’t escape, despite knowing how bad it is and that it will probably be their demise. In the United States, the single spent twelve weeks in the top two of the Billboard Hot 100, of which three were spent at #1 and nine at #2, meaning that it was quite a popular song, obviously.
       3. All star by Smash mouth (1999)
The song is not about Shrek, but is is about those who excel at their endeavors by thinking outside the box. The people who go out and do new things and succeed because of it. The song makes references to global warming, which was first seen as the problem it was during the 1900’s. The song suggest that the people who think outside the box and in difference to what the world says to thin are the ones whole will face and fix our world’s problems.
        4. Enter Sandman by Metallica (1991)
This song implies that fear is something like a sin. The Sandman, in this song, is portrayed as the embodiment of the acceptance that you and all your fears will one day fade to nothing. It is not the knowledge that saves us, but the acceptance. Once we have that, fearlessness will soon follow. This song is critically acclaimed and claimed to be one of Metallica’s greatest songs and received many accolades.
         5. The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring (1998)
This song portrays the dreams we had when we were children. We all had dreams of the stars when we were kids, but when we grew up to be teenagers, we start to see the world as the harsh place it is. This leads to some people making poor decisions, ending up in dead-end lives, and looking back on their simpler childhoods with sadness. The title of the song is an allusion to the title of the song “The Kids Are Alright” by The Who, and while it was not as successful as that song, it is considered to be the most successful song in The Offspring’s arsenal, and was even used for the opening scene of the film “The
          6. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve (1997)
This song is about the feeling of being trapped and powerless to change your behavior or your life due to circumstances beyond your control. It is about the desperation one feels as their life passes before their eyes and they struggle unsuccessfully to control and shape it. It is about the perpetual conflict between the path people want to follow and the path they are compelled to follow. Regarded as the bands signature song and was a defining track of the Brit-pop era.
            7. Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden (1992)
This song tells the story of a man walking alone through the night fearing that someone, or something, is stalking him, only for him to find out there is nothing there. The symbolism of this story is that darkness is often misunderstood as its nature is intertwined with the unknown. So its perfectly understandable that the darkness and the shadows would be considered evil, scary, or sinister and the light would be considered good since they can represent what is unknown and what is known respectivly. However, the point that Iron Maiden is trying to get across is that this “fear of the dark” is just something that is in people’s heads and that the darkness can hold just as much good as it can bad, just as the light can hold just as much bad as it can good. It wasn’t recieved very well thought because it was part of the 90’s rock and roll which was often seen as inferior to the explosive success of 80’s rock and roll.
               8. Baby One More Time by Britney Spears (1998)
The lyrics of this song suggests forms of abuse or even kinky S&M activities, but i reality it is not about either of these at all. At the time, the song writer, Max Martin, had the misunderstanding that “hit me” was used in American slang for “call me”, meaning that the line “hit me baby one more time” was supposed to mean “call me baby one more time”. This gives the overall song the meaning of obsession over a lover instead of something like S&M. The music video for this song is rated as the best music video of the 1990’s and the third most influential music video in the history of pop music. The song tapped into the mind set of young teenagers and pre-teens in the same way the Spice Girls did. The song also made the school girl outfit and pink pom-pom hair-ties trendy again, as it was worn by every female teen in the succeeding years.
                 9. Hero by Mariah Carey (1993)
This song is about people who don’t trust themselves.  The people who have no faith and self-confidence, This song tells those people that they can search themselves and find that there’s a “hero” inside them, whether that is a hidden talent, a good behavioral aspect, or whatever. The song received mixed reviews from music critics for its lyrical content, while Carey’s vocal performance was praised by nearly everyone. The song is widely regarded as one of Carey’s most inspirational and personal songs. Fans of Carey constantly request her to sing the song, making it her most performed song.
                10.  Macarena by Los del Rio (1996)
Everyone in America knows this song, It was often played in our elementary school and the dance is well known. What many don’t know is that this song is actually quite jaw-dropping. the song is about the girl named Macarena who is cheating on her boyfriend with his two friends while he is being drafted into the army. Despite this,  it was an international hit when it came out and continues to be a popular dance at weddings, parties, and sporting events. It is undeniably one of the most iconic examples of 1990’s dance music. Even Vice-President Al Gore acknowledged it.

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